To explore, expand and explode latent human energy. To generate awe-inspiring new levels of innovation, action and performance.

For maverick individuals, teams and leaders who:

• Have the intelligence, courage and drive to explore new pathways
• Understand that innovative action is the key to all evolutionary success


Biological evolution is driven by the repetition, variation and selection of cells. It is a fixed law of the universe. Behavioural evolution is the same. Instead of a cell there is an energy fractal, a special simple action that with repetition has the power to create behavioural evolution, innovation and new levels of performance.

Successful mavericks know how to use this principle.



All of John’s consulting services are extremely practical and focus on achieving measurable results through customising and implementing new behaviours and actions.



Personal coaching including review of current patterns of behaviour and their impact on others, defining a new high-energy journey that is both inspiring and exciting, and customising new actions and behaviours – the special energy fractals – that will have the power to drive the journey.



Team coaching and consulting designed to drive team and organisational success. Using customised techniques John first assesses the current energy levels of the leader and the team members and their department. This provides an essential view and foundation of the DNA of the system, the energy levels, and the systemic strengths and weaknesses. Review of the strategic goals then provides a framework for designing and customising the unique new behaviours and actions that will have the power to drive the requisite change.


John delivers customised workshops for leaders and their organisations as well as leadership programmes for business schools and in-house academic courses for large corporates.



John delivers talks focussing on organisations as dynamic systems that can gain or lose energy over time, and the special techniques that can be learned and implemented in the workplace to dramatically increase energy and performance.


John has over two decades of organisational consulting experience including three years as Strategy Director in an international consultancy and twenty one years as founder and CEO of Quanta Consulting. www.quantaconsulting.co.za.

His passion has always been to find practical ways to change behaviour and performance. He has always rejected traditional wisdom that lectures, books, and detailed consulting reports will drive new thinking and behaviour. His experience showed him the opposite. Regardless of intelligence and knowledge most people, teams and organisations seemed to continue resolutely with their old behaviour patterns, regardless of obvious changes and threats in the market.

He recognised that there must be certain powerful invisible forces that prevent change. These are the meta-rules or unconscious rules that drive real behaviour. A simple but common example is innovation – finding new and better ways of doing things. Most managers will say that they support innovation. However there may be a meta-rule that says “Don’t innovate!” leaving most employees to keep their heads below the parapet and their great ideas to themselves.
As a result of this important insight he developed the Energy Fractal Method to change behaviour and increase energy and performance. In principle this method assumes that certain simple rules or patterns of behaviour combine to guide our behaviour in a relatively autonomic fashion. And with time they become quite rigid and inescapable, where knowledge alone becomes powerless.

A sporting analogy will provide practical insight. Assume a golfer is visiting his golf pro at the local country club. They are both analysing the golfer’s swing on a video taken on the range and they note that the golfer’s elbow is bent at the top of the backswing. Before the video the golfer was unaware of this fault, but now fully aware of this, is this new knowledge enough to fix the fault? Definitely not. The muscle memory is too powerful, the new knowledge too weak.

The only solution is for the coach to give the golfer a simple new action to practice to change the muscle memory. John’s Energy Fractal Method is based on this simple principle. To change individual, team or organisational performance requires a change in muscle memory. The technique provides the theory and practice to do this.

Over the past two decades John has developed extensive practical experience working with leaders, their teams and organisations in the following sectors.

Airlines, banking, insurance, wholesale, retail, utilities, IT, communication, service conglomerate, hotel, car hire, construction, electrical, research.

John has also guest lectured on his behavioural change methodology on various MBA programmes and was also invited to talk on the Prague TEDx annual conference.